Meet your payment processing challenges head-on

In today’s ever-changing monetary landscape, payment processing poses a varied range of daunting challenges to large retailers that CT-Payment is uniquely qualified to meet. We bring you flexible, custom-tailored, multichannel payment solutions that deliver substantial benefits for you, including lower costs, PCI scope reduction, and a greatly improved customer checkout experience.
Solutions for every payment challenge!

Integrated payment solutions







CT-Payment’s Mobile eWallet does it all

When linked to consumers’ mobile numbers and smart phones, it enables users to shop with ease and convenience, while offering you an abundance of fresh and innovative sales opportunities:

    • Financial Accounts
      • mCommerce lets shoppers pay for goods at “Participating Retailers” with funds that can be topped up from their credit cards
      • Issues merchant eReceipts to mobile device without the need for paper receipts
      • Allows for Loyalty Points with eCoupons
      • Allows the option of using either “Shopper Line Buster” services at checkout or mCommerce
    • Scan and Buy
      • Checkout products at approved merchants
      • Supports large retailers and PSR retailers
    • Promotions
      • Enables proximity marketing for specials, sales and “new offers”
      • Lets you create eCoupons for discounts or special offers
    • Google Maps
      • GPS location services pinpoint locations of merchants’ shops
      • Drives customer traffic while providing customer convenience
    • Prepaid Products
      • Lets you manage cell top-up, prepaid cards, virtual cards, “Person 2 Person” Payments (P2P)
    • Smart NFC Tags & QR Codes
      • Furthers your support of new product offerings, identity, and more