Get Customer Feedback with Every Transaction!

TruRating is a terminal application that collects feedback from your customers. Available for FREE* on all CT-Payment PAX terminals customers can provide value insight into your business by simply pressing one additional key at the time of payment.

  • Find out what makes your customers spend more (or less!)
  • Track and understand your staff’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Test and learn which products/services work best
  • Quickly spot any problems in your business
  • Compare your scores to benchmarks for your type of business
  • Show your customers that you really care what they think

How Does TruRating work?

Getting Started

Setting up TruRating is fast and easy.  The application comes preloaded on PAX terminals.  You just have to register for your FREE* account here, and activate the software on your terminal with the registration code provided.


There are five core questions asked to track service, experience, value, product and likelihood to recommend. You can also add your own questions to evaluate specific things like measuring staff helpfulness or the impact of a new store layout.


When your customers are paying one short question will appear on the PAX terminal asking them to rate an aspect of their experience from 0 to 9.

Online Dashboard

Scores are uploaded to an easy-to-use dashboard within just a few hours of the customer rating.  You can also keep track on-the-go with the TruRating mobile app.

Promote Ratings

Take advantage of an online customer profile page on to display your business ratings.


For more information:

Call 1.855.424.4004

*TruRating is free for all businesses that have 5 locations or less