Meet all your specific needs with the
CT-Payment ePayment gateway

CT-Payment’s proprietary ePayment gateway is a fully secure electronic payment platform. Offering you an array of flexible options, we set the integration pace, supporting Redirection, Full Integration, and Virtual Terminal platforms.

Redirect to
our Hosted
Payment Page

Capitalize on
our Integrated
Payment Gateway

PCI compliance requirements

Redirect payment input to CTP’s hosted payment page for your customers’ check-out and benefit immediately on every essential fronts:

  • Reduce your PCI compliance requirements and clear the hurdles
  • Remove the liability associated with the capture of confidential credit card information
  • Credit card info passes directly through CT-Payment’s servers
  • Process MasterCard, Visa and Amex transactions securely hosted on our servers.
  • Implement easy recurring payment processes

Optimize payment functionality

Add payment functionality to your current website by integrating CTP’s Webservice, you instantly optimize payment functionality:

  • Transact customer payments on your platform, then have them routed to us for processing:
    • Includes Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover credit card transactions, ECH, and VISA and MasterCard debit
  • Optionally, process credit card transactions on your own website:
    • Allows you to keep customers on your website
    • Enables you to perform sales and related transactions, such as pre-authorizations, refunds, voids and recurring billing.
  • Invite Independent Sales Organizations to use the CTP interface for your payment gateway:
    • CTP provides all necessary documentation for developers, and provides complete assistance through the integration process.
    • Transactions are transmitted via HTTPS-POST and can be programmed in Java, PHP, .NET, as well as other languages.

Recurring Billing: For either a hosted
webpage or an integrated gateway

The CT-Payment gateway API can also be used with our additional features to reduce mandatory PCI compliance and associated issues. By using tokenization, your payment environment will significantly reduce fraud risks. Your customer’s initial transaction is captured on our hosted payment page; the credit card information never enters your online environment or website storage. The token (or card number facsimile) is subsequently used through the API for additional payments.

Tokenization extends security

Tokenization allows for subscription payments, without storing credit card information “as is”. The token is used to extract payments, thus maximizing security. You are free to:

  • Process static payments or variable amounts
  • Create and set whatever recurring cycle that fits your needs