Mobile payment solutions provide optimal merchant
flexibility and a friendlier customer experience.

Whether you want to implement an in-store self-pay/scan and buy process or perform payment transactions at restaurant tables, CT-Payment offers you state-of-the-art EMV certified mobile payment solutions for both credit and debit transactions—on the road or at a remote location. Furthermore, our mobile payment solutions are specifically designed to fully integrate in real time with your cash registry and POS system, eliminating the burden of costly transaction reconciliations.

Smart Device Point of Sale

CT-Payment Smart Retail “PSR” is a complete retail solution, leveraging the power of today’s newest “smart devices”—
tablets and smartphones.

Cloud solution

  • Highly scalable
  • Minimal investment for retailer

EMV Chip and
PIN with NFC

Anonymous QR

  • For mobile users
    to provide TAP Identity
    at PSR


  • Mobile user application
  • Offers multichannel solutions

Pin Smart Retail PSR

SmartRetail, eReceipts, Line Buster, MobileSales Clerk, SecurePay – Chip & Pin NFC

PBS Smart Retail Cloud

Entreprise Customer Integration

Consumer Solutions Mobile Users

Deliver new products and services
to ‘Consumers’