Your business on your terms

Whatever your size, CT-Payment offers best-in-class secure card payment solutions to Independent Sales Organizations. Indeed, we are the partner you’re looking for if your goal is to control your own suite of products. Benefit from top tier Class B service. Select your own terminals and equipment. Satisfy both your preferences and those of your merchant communities. Tell us what you need. And we’ll show you how CT-Payment can make it happen.

The best payment switch available

We capture merchant credit and debit card transactions. We route them to the customer’s issuing bank for authorization. Capitalize on the most flexible routing possible. As a neutral payment processor, CT-Payment works with most acquirers and financial institutions.

Special residual opportunities for smaller ISOs

Increase your profitability with CT-Payment. We provide revenue leverage to smaller ISOs that do not have a direct arrangement with an acquirer. Fact is, when you work with CT-Payment, you benefit from customized residual programs that allow your profitability to grow.

The products you want

CT-Payment offers you a wide variety of certified products from the industry’s top manufacturers. What’s more, we are typically the first to certify and adopt new and innovative payment options—putting our customers ahead and keeping them there. To learn more about our certified devices.

The services you need

CT-Payments understand the very specific needs that makes ISO successfull. We therefore provide a complete suite of services that ensures easy integration to our payment solutions and ongoing personalized customer support.

Welcome Aboard Services

Training Services

Welcome Aboard Services

Coming aboard and moving forward with CT-Payment is a positive experience from day one. First, we ask the right questions. As well, we can send out an optional questionnaire to capture key information to facilitate your set up. After all, the more we know about your operation and business direction the better we can meet your needs.

We work with your list of terminals. We implement any desired upgrades. We take every possible measure to ensure a hassle-free and seamless set-up, covering Profile, Merchant and Terminals. As for the human element, you can rest assured you’ll have direct access to every key member of the CT-Payment technical team at all times. What’s more, ongoing oversight by senior account managers further ensures a smooth migration.

Manual Boarding

If you prefer to do your set-ups manually, CT-Payment is here to facilitate the process and empower your employees.

  • Live, in-person training to ensure your confidence and comfort:
    • Allowing you to enter the system and override the necessary fields with the correct merchant information
  • Direct assistance for easy connection to CT-Payment’s EPOS screens, covering:
    • The logon process
    • All screens, fields, and coding

Our experienced trainers will even review the Top-10 Follow-up Questions with your team, providing simple resolutions to help you attain and maintain autonomy.

Bulk Load Boarding

If you are a large ISO wanting to facilitate the boarding process by having features turned on automatically, the Bulk Load option allows you to:

  • Capture all individual requests and change orders, enabling you to command them to automatically populate the fields in
    CT-Payment’s system
  • Save time and increase the systemic acceptance of each merchant setup

Rollout Processes

Clear and full explanations and guidance are provided for:

  • Production Key Injection process
  • Activation Process (completed within one hour)
  • De-activation Process (completed within one hour)

Customer Service

Reporting Services

Partnering with CT-Payment means you will always
receive the support you deserve.

CT-Payment has top tier, 24/7 level 2 & 3 customer service, with friendly, experienced service desk personnel always on standby. Specialized technical support resources are also on call to address your questions and concerns.

Daily Reports

CT-Payment produces password-protected reports, generated at the end of each day. By providing reports in a flat file, either CSV or formatted, CT-Payment enables you to customize and brand your own reports. All information is captured a follows…

Merchant Transaction Activity Report (MTAR)
  • A summary of all transactions completed by all merchants under the ISO’s umbrella
  • Provides a listing of all approved and rejected transactions, sorted by the merchant ID
Settled Report
  • Lists all approved transactions that were successfully authorized and settled for deposit.
Unsettled Report
  • Lists all approved transactions that were not settled for deposit (that is, successfully authorized, but unsettled transactions)

Monthly Reports

CT-Payment provides a monthly billing file, containing a complete record layout of 72 fields of raw data. This highly detailed data lets you create your own billing reports, files and invoices for your merchants.