Code of Conduct

CT-Payment Inc. is committed to the FCAC Code of Conduct.

Complaint Reporting Process

You can file a code of conduct complaint through our website using the Online Form, Printable Form, contact us via Phone, or Write to us.

Following receipt of your complaint we will:

  • – Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five business days.
  • – Provide our final decision within 30 days of receiving the your complaint, along with:
  • – A summary of the complaint;
  • – The final result of the investigation;
  • – Explanation of the final decision; and
  • – Information on how to further escalate your complaint in the event of an unsatisfactory outcome, along with the complaint handling form.

If we cannot provide a response within 30 days you will be informed of the delay, reason for the delay, and the expected response time.

To assist us in reviewing your complaint, in addition to providing a summary of your concerns, please provide details, such as the name of the person you were dealing with, the date the concern occurred, and copies of any supporting documentation (i.e. agreements, statements).

Online Form

Printable Form


Complaints Phone Number

1-877-341-8293 Extension 801

Write To Us

Complaints Contact Address

CT-Payment Inc.
534 rue Notre Dame, Suite 101
Repentigny, Quebec J6A 2T8
Attention: Code of Conduct Complaint